Backup Generators

You know how important it is to have a backup generator!

After the wake of Hurricane Sandy, it became apparent to our community that backup home generator ownership is essential.  In addition, having a commercial backup generator for your business is critical to avoiding loss of income. Whether you’ve suffered the unfortunate circumstances of a natural disaster, or simply wish to prepare for future power failures, JPG installs  top of the line standby generators for all of your residential or commercial needs.  Back up generators can provide you with greater peace of mind and potentially spare you the headache of having to relocate for lack of power.

Backup Home Generators & Commercial Backup Generators

At JPG Electric, we install the innovative and reliable Kohler brand diesel generators, coming in various watt ranges for large or small homes and businesses. A generator provides the security, convenience, and protection that you and your home need, regardless of the context.

The Kohler home generators are available with a 200-amp whole house, indoor/outdoor automatic transfer switch, offering the reliability in granting power to your home in 10 seconds.  You will be able to turn back on any of the essential systems in your home or place of business. Further, they are secured with a 100% corrosion proof enclosure, protecting against the harshest weather conditions. Contact us for installation

Don’t go without the convenience of heat, light, and day-to-day essentials that require power. Allow JPG the pleasure of providing security and reliability by professionally installing your Kohler generators, carrying a lifetime warranty.

After you buy a power generator, contact us at  631-467-6744 for the generator installation or repair. We serve all of Suffolk County, Long Island. For more information on backup generators, check out this resource from the American Red Cross.  It features great tips, from safe use of generators to help information on where to buy a standby generator.

Smaller generator packages available. Portable to larger fully automatic system.

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